NIU STEAM and Taiwan’s Fuhsing K-12 school promote project-based STEAM learning

When James Wu became the new principal of Taipei Fuhsing Private School in 2019, he had ambitious dreams to expand the 3,500-student K-12 school by building a second campus. This second campus, to be dubbed the “Innovation Academy” would focus on a problem-based STEM/STEAM curriculum (science, technology, engineering, art and math). However, Wu also knew it would take some time and knowledge-building to bring the 75-year-old institution up to the cutting edge of 21st-century education.

That’s where NIU STEAM came in. As part of their learning process, Wu and 14 of his school’s deans and administrators visited Northern Illinois University in early February 2020 for a week of school visits, field trip observations and teacher professional development organized by NIU STEAM.

Kristin Brynteson, director of professional development for NIU STEAM, said, “It was a pleasure to welcome Principal Wu and his team and to hear about their goals. I enjoyed learning what their classroom environment and instruction look like and getting a chance to learn from their rich history. It was also exciting to hear their questions and to have discussions around STEAM learning from our two perspectives.” Read more