Programs & Events

We believe that STEAM is for everybody. You’re never too young or too old to learn something new and find your spark of inspiration. That’s why our educators are experts not only in their content areas – physics, writing, biology, math, engineering, meteorology and video game design to name just a few – but also in the fine art of making learning fun. So whether you’re two, 102 or any age in between, we have events and programs to inspire, entertain and educate you.

Reach for success

Our summer camps and STEAM Studio workshops help young people build friendships, gain confidence, develop their academic and artistic skills, and explore career pathways as they become part of a community of eager learners.

Spark your curiosity 

Join us for STEM Fest (every October), DeKalb Corn Fest (every August) and other fun community events to spark your interest in STEAM topics. BLOCK Fest® is a great opportunity for families to learn how to support their children’s math and science growth.

Delve a little deeper

Hear from experts, ask your questions and deepen your knowledge of the way STEAM shapes our everyday lives. Join us for STEM Cafés, Future Telling Science + Fiction webinars and other educational experiences for teens and adults.

Upcoming Events