Videos: October 5th - Studying Stink Bugs and Saving Crops

Watch the expert videos and then do one of the activities. Be sure to share your projects with us! #NIUSTEMfest #NIUMakerMonday #FindYourNIUSpark

Studying Stinkbugs and Saving Crops - Interview with Amanda Erlenbach  

Amanda Erlenbach is a research and design specialist in Bayer’s Entomology division. She works with a cross-disciplinary team of scientists, farmers and the FDA to create pest-resistant crops. Her work finds her everywhere from corn fields to tractors to stink bug colonies as she looks to make agriculture safer and more productive. Amanda will describe her path to her current career and how a solid background in science has allowed her to explore many roles in agriculture, from animal husbandry on a hog farm to her current work in creating pest-resistant crops.

What's Creeping in Your Yard? with Ann Shult 

Ever wonder what sort of bugs live around you? In this video, you'll take the first steps to learning about those small critters that live among us!

Make Spider Web Art 

Once you have watched the videos, you can explore more through the activities.